GM Radio Solutions offers specialised Training with personal on site interactive workshops and seminars 

Training Seminars
and Workshops  

Station Product Review 

GM Radio Solutions offers a week long complete radio station audit. The Review monitors and analyses output across a week including music, news, presenters, imaging, positioning and branding.The audit is done with the station personal so they experience first hand the independent perspective of your station's strengths and weaknesses. A detailed written report contains specific advice and recommendations

Delivering the Content for your Target Audience 

On site workshop designed for all on air staff to identify the right buttons to push to deliver the right content to the target audience. The workshop explores target audience focus, show preparation, delivery style guides, interview techniques, show positioning and role plays. 2-1 day workshop 

Selling Radio in a Recession -

In the current economic times and with the convergence of multi media platforms, selling radio is becoming more and more challenging. Learning the skills of selling in a recession enables the sales team to survive when other competitors may not. 1 day workshop   


Creative Radio Concepts- 

​Workshop designed to provide the Programming team with the tools to be creative in designing concepts and promotional radio that both entertains and sells. In a competitive Radio world creativity is going to be the key to success, clients want it and audiences are attracted to it.  ​

Listener Advisory Boards

Listener Advisory Boards - or LABs - are a cost effective way of radio stations getting feedback from a small group of the stations biggest fans. GM Radio Solutions provides expert independent moderating of LABs on all aspects from recruitment of participants, the sessions itself and important follow-up advise. 

Back to Basics Training 

The 2 day workshop develops and ensures that your existing talent reaches its full potential to constantly strive to produce high impact content. The program is designed to assist Radio stations in talent development. 

All the workshops can be followed up with monitoring and training schedules done on line or monthly on site visits  

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