Who are GM Radio Solutions? 

GM Radio Solutions is run by Gavin Meiring who has an excellent track record of success in all aspects of Radio Broadcasting. Gavin has worked at the South African Broadcasting Corporation and more recently with the Independent South African Radio Stations, East Coast Radio, Heart 104.9 and Jacaranda FM 

His achievements in the Radio Industry date back to the launch of East Coast Radio in 1996 in which as Program Manager he increased the audience numbers from 500 000 to 2. 2 Million by 2005. Since then he was appointed as Managing Director of P4 Cape Town and was instrumental in re launching of the station in 2006 to Heart 104.9FM. More recently Gavin has been running all aspects of Programming at Jacaranda FM including the growing dynamic of digital integration into Radio.  

In the highly competitive world of radio, the right guidance can give you the edge you need to beat the competition. Most Radio Stations are caught up in everyday operations and are too close to the product to identify problems or massive opportunities. This is where a trusted, experienced consultant can make the difference and transform your radio station into a highly competitive and profitable business. 

South Africa has always relied on international consultants when the right knowledge and expertise of the local market is available on their doorstep. GM Radio solutions provides tried and tested practises implemented in the SA market. Currently working with both commercial and community stations, we have seen vast improvement in the product and implementation.